Caroline Josephs Storytelling Performances, Presentations and Workshops

CD launch Wylie’s Ocean Pool -
    (fish stories, stories of being in Country with Indigenous people, showing of artwork related to stories and ocean)

Presentation of original poetry at ‘A Word in Hand’ in  ‘A Friend in Hand’ pub in Glebe

*  Presentation at Marrickville Folk Club….storytelling and poetry, show of artwork


*   Presentation of original poetry at ‘A Word in Hand’ in  ‘A Friend in Hand’ pub in Glebe

*   Presentation at Marrickville Folk Club….storytelling and poetry, show of artwork


*   Presentation of original poetry at ‘A Word in Hand’ in  ‘A Friend in Hand’ pub in Glebe


* April 2013 storytelling (with Laura Simms, storyteller extraordinaire and Tibetan Buddhist teacher)
   in Greenwich Village, New York City.


Three presentations of original poetry at ‘A Word in Hand’ in  ‘A Friend in Hand’ pub in Glebe


Presentation at the Mollongghip Poetry Slam (Victoria).


* Storytelling in Greenwich Village-for community activists -story as community building and activism.

* Walking Country, Creating Country - Art and Indigenous Australians
, storytelling and presentation, Matisse
   workshops, Rhodes, Sydney


Walking Country with Indigenous Australians, storytelling and presentation, Greenwich Village, New York
     City.  Including Australian Indigenous Art, and own artwork inspired by experiences in country with Indigenous

*  Storytelling -- Experiences in Country with Australian Aborigines, Talk on Aboriginal artwork and
     influences on own artwork, National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney.



*    Organised, compered, and told stories for
Emergence, Art Exhibition, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, Sydney.
      Twelve performers responded to CJ’s artwork in dance, song, music, poetry, comedy, storytelling. 

*   ’How Indigenous Australian Oral Storytelling can Sustain Mother Earth’, (storytelling and
      presentation), Wild Law and Earth Jurisprudence: Human Rights of Mother Earth, International Conference,
      Law Faculty, Wollongong University, NSW.


Two Fires Festival….Braidwood - Weaving storytellings with Dulumunmun, Aboriginal Elder -- with
      workshop of 50 people, walking riverbank.

Walking Country with Aboriginal Elder, Introducing a group to Elder’s stories in country, Storytellings
       with Dulumunmun - Bundeena.


Walking Country, Creating Country…story and image weekend workshop in Royal National Park,
      Facilitating creative workshop in book-making, mark-making, word arising from walk.

April, June, July, November
*    Storytelling soirées with group of storytellers.

*    Walking Country with Dulumunmun, Elder in Royal National Park.

*    Walking, camping With Arrente and other Aboriginal people in Central Australia - Haast’s Bluff,
      Hermannsburg, Larapinta.


*    Designed and facilitated a 'Storytelling, Image, Poetry, Book-making' weekend workshop on artist’s property
      south of Sydney.

*    Organised, and participated in weekend camp with Aboriginal Elder in National Park south of Sydney.

D/Jew on the Mountain -- in Indigenous Country’ Presentation/storytelling at Temple Emanuel for
     Shavuot Festival. 

*   Presentation for Theosophists’ Society:
A Sacred Place to Dwell…through Storytelling - Indigenous
    Oral Storytelling.

*   Walk into country with Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Max (Dulumunmun).

*   Designing and Leading
Walking Country, Creating Country - Image, Word, Story, Book-making
     Weekend creative workshop on artist property, south of Sydney.


*   Designed and led a storytelling weekend workshop on artist’s property south of Sydney. Included storytelling,
     creative image and word work, especially with one story
The White Bear Valemon.

*   Organised and participated in camp and walk, rituals with Aboriginal Elder to his country south of Sydney.
*   Participated in presentation, dialogue between group of Jews and Quakers at Quaker Friends’  House, Sydney.


*   Initiated, organised, compered, told stories, Tsunami Relief concert, raising $4000 for Sri Lankan women and
     children - included twelve storytellers and singers, Buddhist Library,
Tales from the Sea.

*   Presented one day of storytellings and workshop at Borderlands Co-operative/Augustine Centre, Melbourne -
Embodying Borderlands: Zen storytelling - The Way of the S/Word, and
Dancing Country - Yolngu Indigenous Australian storytelling.

*   Presented talk/storytelling at Sydney Zen Centre :
Silence as a Way of Knowing in Zen and Yolngu.

*   Paper presented at International Conference at Darling Harbour Sydney - Consequentiality: Ontology,Theology,
Silence as a Way of Knowing in Yolngu Australian Indigenous Storytelling.

*   Conference paper, University of Queensland -
Dis-member-ment from Place, Re-member-ing Home -
    on Yolngu storytelling.

*   Conference Paper/storytelling for ‘Intersections’ conference, UNSW -
Intersections Galore: 
    Storytelling as Thresholding

*   Public Talk/Storying on Storytelling as Co-creating Community, and weekend of workshops at
     Borderlands/Augustine Centre in Melbourne , 
           Day One:
From Terror to Awe:‘Skeleton Woman 
           Day Two:
Applying Storytelling in the Workplace.

*   Conference Paper with storytelling on action-based emergent methodologies, College of Arts, Education and
     Social Sciences, at University of Western Sydney -
The Way of the S/Word: the Researcher as Storyteller,

*   Conference paper -- Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National University,  Canberra, 
     Negotiating the
Sacred: Sacrilege and Blasphemy in the Arts,
   ‘Silence as a Way of Knowing in Yolngu Storytelling

*   Two workshops at Temple Emanuel in Sydney on ‘Ancient
Jewish Storytelling, Contemporary Relevance’.

Graduated  Ph.D. University of Western Sydney (Epistemology: Sacred Oral Storytelling and Transformation).


*   Presented eight half-day storytellings and workshops at Bronte, Sydney.

*    Storytelling to group at Terrigal gathering, north of Sydney.

*    Storytelling in the bush for women, at Garma Festival, North-east Arnhemland.


*   Storytelling and workshop at Catholic Insititute of Counselling, Sydney for 100 Counselling Students,
     Dwelling with the Other in their Story,
The Rooster Prince.

*   Lecture/Storytelling at Sydney Zen Centre.

*   Storytelling/ workshop for Sydney Zen Centre:
The True Ch’ien.

*   Presentation 
Locations of Spirituality: Experience and Writing the Sacred Conference
     Australian National University, Institute for Cross-Cultural Research, Canberra.

*   Paper:
Braiding Presentational, Personal, Discursive Modes in Storytelling.


*   Program of traditional and personal stories:
From Japanese Zen to Aussie Zen: Stories along the Way .
public audience of 100 people at the New South Wales Art Gallery, in conjunction with The Radiant Buddha
exhibition, January. (Video available).

Who is the True Ch'ien? Zen Story Workshop at Sydney Zen centre.

*   Talk:
The Three Bodies of the Buddha and Ch'ien   Sydney Zen Centre.

Storytelling at Professional Storytellers' Soirees variety of traditional stories for groups of storytellers
      and friends.

*   In Religion Literature and the Arts Conference, Sydney University,
Turning Terror to Awe: Skeleton Woman - Storytelling from a Cold Climate.


*   Independent Scholars’ Association of Australia Conference, Canberra, Out of Place -- the Diasporic Experience’:
Ancestral Beings are Stories - Dis-member-ment and Re-membering.

*  One-day creative workshop and storytellings, Buddhist Library Sydney, :
Ancestral Beings are Stories --
   Buddhist and Aboriginal Storytelling -  Story as Dream, Story as Koan.


*   Performing Ensemble -- set up ensemble of six musicians, dancers, storytellers and writers;  worked together
     over eight days of improvisational rehearsal, performed for audience, using sound, movement, chorus, and

*   Designed and presented a three-day residential workshop on
Story and the Second Half of Life.  Exploring
     change through group participatory methods including discussion, presentation, drawing, drama, story; focus on
     generativity, creativity and intimacy.

*   Devised and presented an evening of 2 hours of storytelling (with music, dance) for audience of 80 people,
     Buddhist Library:  A
Garland of Stories: Zen Buddhist and Jewish - Stories to Startle,
    Delight and Nourish the Soul
Presented as a fundraiser for Sydney Zen Centre .
     [video available of the evening].

*   Workshop: 
Ancient Stories for Today -- story workshop Writers' Centre, Sydney.

*   Workshop:
Bare Bones Storytelling -- "The Bonesetter" -- An experiential workshop for adults at the
     Religion Literature & the Arts conference, Sydney University, November.

*   Workshops:
Story for Women in Transition A series of 12  workshops based on story and using
     different media of expression, including drawing, clay, mask, movement, writing.

*      Presentation:
"Skeleton Woman" -- ensemble presentation  -- group presentation based on improvisation,
     movement, sound and personal and traditional storytelling.  Inuit story.


*    Presented paper:
Storytelling and Leadership  at the Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference,
      University of Western Sydney.

*    Presented workshop on ‘
Story and Leadership’ (Solomon’s Wisdom) at the Spirituality, Leadership and
Conference, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury.

*     Presented a Work in Progress storytelling/workshop on
Skeleton Woman (Inuit) for doctoral and postgraduate
      students at University of Western Sydney.


*   ’At the Membrane Between Commercial and Academia, the Sacred and the  Profane -
     Shhhhh…..Money’ -
Paper presentation, Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Auckland, New Zealand,
      Metaphor and Narrative across the Disciplines.

*    Exhibition Transience - black and white photographs, Sydney Zen Centre.


Fairytale Group 1995-2001

*   Participated one evening each fortnight over six years with group of women writers, film-makers, poets, academics
     psychotherapist - reading, discussion and activities related to story, taking turns at leading; also a storytelling to this

Story Women -
*   Set up a group of women with an abiding interest in story. Told traditional and personal stories, and led workshops;
    10 meetings for half-day storytellings and workshops 1999-2000.

*    Evolved to become the Storying Group -- men and women meeting eight times for storytellings and 
      workshops 2002-3.

Storytelling Soirées -- for audience of professional storytellers and friends:
*     Brisbane 1998
*     Sydney 1999-2003 (six soirées)
*     Sydney 2004


*     Exhibitions of photos in group exhibitions in Tilley’s, Canberra, and in foyer of Canberra Theatre, 1984 and 1987.

*   Folios of  Photographic worksBrewarrina Aborigines; Catholic Schools Canberra/ Goulburn Archdiocese.

*     Paper: 
An Artist-in-Residence Program - Nexus of Art, Education, Religion, Politics. presented at
       National Curriculum Studies Conference, Macquarie University.


Using Photography to Document and Evaluate Educational Programmes, presented at the
      Australian Curriculum Studies Association Conference, Melbourne.

*    Paper: 
Creative Response to Parenting after Separation,  Paper presented at the Conference on
      Parenting after Separation - Alternative Patterns of Child Care,
  published in Conference Papers.


Multi-Arts and Learning Processes, presented at the Curriculum Development Centre's National Core
     Curriculum Conference
, Canberra.


The Curriculum Development Centre's Multi-Arts Project - Concept and Implementation,
with 40 hand-drawn cartoon overhead transparencies presented to National Conference of Arts Educators
      in Melbourne.


Exploration Creativity - a course for TAFE Child Care Students.

*    Summer School:
Exploration Creativity - for the ACT Arts Council; a series of workshops in arts media --
       movement, writing, visual.


An Australian Perspective:     The Curriculum Development Centre's Multi-Arts Project,
        presented to International Congress of Arts Educators, Adelaide.

Workshop Course: 
Exploration Creativity  - a series of 14 workshops run in Canberra independently.

*     Workshop: 
So You Want to Run a Writing Workshop?  - through the NSW Writers'  Centre,
        Rozelle - an experiential workshop for writers who wish to run workshops.

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