Key Publications


* The Way of the S/Word: Storytelling as Emergent Liminal, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Vol. 21, Number 3, May-June 2008, U.S., pp. 251-267.

I was two when the first bomb went off …’, Teaching Refugees to Tell Their Stories, Asylum Seekers - beyond the Classroom, program of the Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, teaching creative writing to refugee asylum seekers.  Published in Some Saturdays, (ed.L. Carnus), Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, pp. 10-12.


Silence as a Way of Knowing in Yolngu Indigenous Australian Storytelling, Paper, storytelling in Consequentiality Volume 2, Mythology, Theology, Ontology, (ed. Dena Hurst), Expanding Human Consciousness, Tallahassee, Florida, US., 2006.


Silence and Storytelling in Yolngu Australian Indigenous Culture, Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University, Negotiating the Sacred 11 Blasphemy and Sacrilege in the Arts, E-Press, ANU, 2005 November Conference.

Sacred Oral Storytelling Invokes Limen in the Transformation of Reality, Thesis presented in fulfilment Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, January 2005, University of Western Sydney. (graduated September 2005). [includes CD of storytellings]

Storytelling as Co-creating Community, New Community Quarterly, Borderlands Co-operative, Hawthorn, Vic, July 2005.

The Researcher as Storyteller, College of Arts, Education and Social Sciences, University of Western Sydney, Conference paper/storytelling.  Published on CD, 2005.


Dis-member-ment from Place, Re-member-ing Home -- Yolngu Storytelling, Conference paper, storytelling, University of Queensland.


Braiding Modes in Storytelling: Presentational, Personal and Discursive, Australian National University Conference,  "Locations of Spirituality: Experience and Writing the Sacred", October 2002. 
Ancestral Beings are Stories: Dis-member-ment and Re-member-ing in Yolngu (Aboriginal) Storytelling. Independent Scholars’ Association of Australia Review, Vol 2, No 3, June 2002, Canberra.


This Country 'bin lose 'im Dreaming, Colloquium Papers, Sense of Place Colloquium IV, Canberra, City of Federation in the Centenary of Federation, 2001, Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney.



ReportStrategic Development for the Division of International Affairs and Business Development, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury, 1998

ReportEnvironmental Studies at the University of Western Sydney -- Plan for Coordinating and Marketing of Offerings across Two Campuses, 1998.


*  Case study for Environmental Law students, University of Technology, Sydney -
Visuals and case study material, plus assignment work for students at UTS - Sylvania Waters.  Special Project.


*  Manuscript, in fulfilment of Master of Arts, (Creative Writing),
Behind the Owl’s Mask, a Memoir.


*  Playback Theatre Highlights Ideas in Advance Bank Team Development Project
, Tafelink, (TAFE NSW) June 1993.


*  Short Story:
Canberra Merry-go-round, in We've All Got Day Jobs, published by Bland Loom Press 1990, (Also did cover design).


*  The Word Incarnate
, essay, published in the catalogue of the Women Artists' Multi-media exhibition, Unearthing the Goddess, at the Kelly Street Kolektiv, Sydney, 1988 [to accompany small sculpture in exhibition].

Educational materials for Public Broadcasting Association of Australia, Materials to accompany oral history audiotapes.


Cartoons on non-sexist library materials for ACT Schools Authority Library display on non-sexist library materials 


Classroom teaching/learning materials: 
What is an Australian?
Australians:  Where From? 
For primary and secondary students - text and graphics, published by the ACT Multicultural Education Advisory Committee, 1983.

Cover design for Multicultural Education ACT (Published by the ACT Multicultural Education Advisory Committee, 1983.


The Curriculum Development Centre’s Multi-Arts Project:  Creative Learning Processes’  The Australian Society for Education through the Arts Bulletin, January, 1981

Multi-Arts and Meaning-Making, with Dr. Stephen Kemmis,  unpublished paper -- for personnel involved in the Multi-Arts Project in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney and other interested schools and tertiary lecturers/teachers.


*  Exploration Creativity:  A Series of Community Workshops
, Booklet, Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University, ACT, 1980.


Evaluation of a Package of Curriculum Materials, including
Case study of Indian Wedding, with a Package of Educational Materials  -- multi-media package and evaluation of implementation case study in school,  produced to develop understanding of another (Indian) culture (includes source materials, slides, activities, film, video, Teachers’ materials, overhead transparencies - all colour coded and inter-linked), part of materials submitted in fulfilment of  M.Ed. work, 1975.

MIND MOON CIRCLE, Journal of the Sydney Zen Centre:


20 Years with Sydney Zen Centre, Winter 2009, pp 21-22.


Cover Design, Autumn 2008, Chinese Year of the Rat.

Women and the Lushness of Kodoji, Winter 2008, pp. 24-25.

Making String, Stringing Meaning, Plying Stories, pp.7-10,

*  Haiku:
Shell from the midden; haiku: Will this forest be…. Spring 2008,

*  Editor of this issue: Zen and Indigenous Traditions.


Letting Go, poem, Winter 2007, p.27.

A Buddhist-Jewish Dialogue, with Joyce Kornblatt, Summer 2007, pp 9-14.

Haiku on Zen Ritual, p.8,  and The Greater Vehicle Hojo, p. 14, poems, Autumn 2007.


Three Bodies of the Buddha - Meal Sutra, essay, Winter 2006, pp.11-16.

Wild Honey among the Stringbarks: Silence and Knowing - in Yolngu Australian Aboriginal Culture, and Zen Dharma, Summer, 2006, pp 24-31.

Learning from Dictionaries - A Zen Word-play of Feasting and Fasting, Summer 2006, pp. 27-28.


Lost, Winter 2005, pp. 18-20.


Clay Jizo Laughing, poem,  p.17, and Ordinary Mind is the Tao, cartoon, p.8, Autumn, 2004.

Zen and the Art of Women’s Monkey Business, Memories of the Women’s Retreat - Gorrick’s, January 2004, Summer 2004, p.23.

Losing ‘I’-dentity - a Meditation on the Body Oceanic, Spring 2004, p.10.


Feet, and Heart, poems, Autumn 2003, p.4, and cover.

Country Calling Out, poem, Winter 2003, p.27.

Emerging from one husk and entering another is like a traveller putting up at an inn  Dharma talk, Case 35:
Which is the True Ch’ien? Summer 2003,  pp. 14 -18.


Sesshin Poems, many photographs, Spring 2001.


*  Picking Chestnuts
, poem, Hoddle’s Creek sesshin, April 2000, Autumn, 2000, p.25.

Demeter and Persephone, poem, Mind, Moon, Circle,   Journal of the Sydney Zen Centre,  2000

Kaimu, enchanted black lava realm in the year of the new Millennium 2000: a fairytale, Spring/Summer 2010. pp.30-34.

Musings on the Hexagram of the I Ching: ‘Wei Chi - Before Completion’, Summer 2000, pp 22-23.


*  At the Cliff Edge: a Meditation on Birth and Death
, article on my mother’s passing, Winter, 1999, pp. 9-11. [Also editor of this issue].


*  A Body of Flowers
, prose poem, Autumn 1997, p.13.


Chrysalis, Gorrick’s Run, Easter, 1994, Winter 1994, p. 6.


*  Kin
, poem, Summer 1993, p.16.


Poems: Sesshin April 24-May 1, 1992, Winter 1992, pp. 21-21.

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